Senior Decision Makers From TOCs And ROSCOs With The Following Job Titles:

  • Engineering Directors
  • Fleet Directors
  • Directors Of Fleet Reliability
  • Heads Of Engineering
  • Heads Of Maintenance
  • Heads Of Fleet
  • Heads Of Department
  • Heads Of Rolling Stock & Depots
  • Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Depot Managers
  • Condition Monitoring Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Managers

Plus Industry Stakeholders From

  • Train Manufacturers
  • Train Maintenance Consultants
  • IT Maintenance Management System Suppliers
  • Remote Condition Monitoring System Suppliers
  • Wayside Diagnostics Suppliers
  • OEM Component Suppliers
  • Wheel-Set Suppliers
  • Breaking Component Suppliers
  • Bogie Suppliers
  • Metallurgy Companies
  • Interior Furnishing Companies
  • Train Refurbishment Material Suppliers
  • Pantograph / Energy Equipment Suppliers
  • Running Gear Suppliers
  • Maintenance Equipment Suppliers
  • Climate Control System Suppliers

Fleet Maintenance Optimisation Congress 2013

Fleet availability and reliability are the central KPIs for TOCs and ROSCOs, whether bidding for franchises or for customer satisfaction, and it is well known that the key to achieving this is a robust maintenance regime. However, rolling stock maintenance is also the primary cost driver.

Clearly then, the critical dynamic facing the industry is: How do we reduce the cost of maintenance whilst continuing to improve the reliability and availability of our fleet?

This January, at the first ever Fleet Maintenance Optimisation Congress 2013, we invite you to join candid industry discussions to benchmark your practices, approaches and methods of working for optimising maintenance processes, plans and periodicities.

View The Full Conference Agenda

This Congress offers you a significant opportunity to learn from over 20+ industry leading TOCs and ROSCOs, who will be demonstrating their solutions for driving down maintenance costs whilst continually improving fleet performance.  

As the only rolling stock congress with a specific focus on maximising efficiencies to minimise fleet maintenance costs, don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to discover transferable solutions from senior engineering experts throughout the industry.


7 Key Reasons To Attend:

  • The only rolling stock conference specifically dedicated to fleet maintenance through a commercially focused lens of maximising efficiencies in practices, process and plans
  • Hear from a truly industry leading speaker line-up of over 20 Engineering Directors, Heads of Fleet and Senior Maintenance Specialists from the most progressive and advanced TOCs and ROSCOs to effectively deliver improved approaches to maintenance
  • Benefit from a thoroughly researched agenda that addresses the genuine needs of the industry, whether outsourcing, maintaining in-house, engaged in manufacturers’ maintenance contracts, or a combination
  • Take the opportunity to network with industry leaders, build new contacts and develop relationships to establish mutually beneficial partnerships to drive forward your maintenance optimisation strategy
  • Utilise the experience of a host of major TOCs and ROSCOs through collaborative discussion on logistical and engineering solutions for managing a closed and monopolised supply chain
  • Gain critical insights on the application of maintenance management systems and diagnostic technologies for a proactive approach to improving fleet reliability
  • Capitalise on international expertise and enable global benchmarking as US, UK and Continental European speakers come together to learn in this unique collaborative forum


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